Our Kappa Alpha Psi Paraphernalia is a unique collection of Kappa Alpha Psi apparel that will appeal to any style buds. Style does not stand still and neither does Pledge Party Apparel. Our Kappa Alpha Psi Paraphernalia is signature blend of history, the Kappa Alpha Psi brand and modern style. Find your next look in one of our Nupe shops. Skroll down to Kappa lane to see the Kollections.


The shop is open, and the style is stocked. We taken our Nupe accessories to the pinnacle of Phi Nu Pi. We hijacked the klassic style then tail-spun it into a modern rendition of krazy good Nupe style. Shop the bar for some simply Good Nupe designs of Kappa Alpha Psi paraphernalia/accessories.
kappa alpha psi paraphernalia


What better than a good ole-fashioned road trip? Taking it in Nupe style!
Join us on the highway of Phi Nu Pi with these bags & backpacks. Pack up with us as we give you so Phi-er in Kappa Alpha Psi paraphernalia for your travel needs